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Not good enough.

If Lance Armstrong thinks that his interviews, with Oprah will put matter to rest.
He'd better think again.
This will turn into a PR nightmare for him.
Not to mention the slew of law suits that are about to follow.


Anonymous said…
He made himself look worse and had the nerve to tell a fat joke. You should have seen Oprah's face!

You could tell he is not remorseful and it seems he is hiding something else.

By his own admission he wanted what he wanted and I have no sympathy for him. I bet money all those chemicals he put into his body caused his cancer. I am sorry about that.

Watch him be sued for libel, slander, and defamation of character. His sponsors will sue him if his contracts contained morality clauses. Internet reports claim that money donated to his LiveStrong foundation was misused.

2013 feels like the year of karma. T. W.
Anonymous said…
This man stated he deserved a second chance at competing as a cyclist.

He said other people who confessed got six months suspension and could return to cycling. I am not sure what reality Lance Armstrong lives in.
Christian Dion said…
HHHe clearly lives in his own reality which is tumbling around him. I think he let the truth when he said that he had lost his future fortune. By losing $75 million of endorsements in one day..IT'S ALL ABOOUT THE MONEY
Anonymous said…
Hi. I never thought about it that way. Reputation is more important than personal net worth.

He could make a decent living if he still had his reputation. His foundation lost its reputation. I bet people will sue saying he gave himself cancer with all the doping and had no business setting up a foundation. T. W.
Sandy said…
I agree its always all about the money. ALWAYS!!
Anonymous said…
OMG Christian you are ao good! The saga is getting juicier!

A Manly, Australia library is going to move all of Armstong's books to the fiction section. J. J. Abrams has plans to make a movie about his downfall as well!

Talk about nightmare! Do you think other libraries will follow suit? T. W.

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