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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Told Ya Even his family thinks it's CRAP

From my 2012 Predictions completed Dec 21st 2011
65. TOM CRUISE. Is in for a rough year on all fronts. Family matters and romantic life is in for a big shake up this year. As well his career taking quite a few hits. One of which will be related to 
his belief in Scientology. Which itself will be dealt some blows this year.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian. Thank you for posting this. I read about his grandson's act on another gossip site.

According to him, it was all science fiction. I have read and heard from others that Dianetics was a psychology book and Hubbard never intended to start a religion.

The grandson acknowledged L. Ron was a "flim-flam artist." He stated L. Ron left the Scientology Church and was hunted down. He may have been defamed to a point.

I have also been to varios websites that claim L. Ron participated in the occult and was friends with Alistair Crowley. That said it all. T. W.