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Told Ya Even his family thinks it's CRAP
From my 2012 Predictions completed Dec 21st 2011
65. TOM CRUISE. Is in for a rough year on all fronts. Family matters and romantic life is in for a big shake up this year. As well his career taking quite a few hits. One of which will be related to 
his belief in Scientology. Which itself will be dealt some blows this year.


Anonymous said…
Hi Christian. Thank you for posting this. I read about his grandson's act on another gossip site.

According to him, it was all science fiction. I have read and heard from others that Dianetics was a psychology book and Hubbard never intended to start a religion.

The grandson acknowledged L. Ron was a "flim-flam artist." He stated L. Ron left the Scientology Church and was hunted down. He may have been defamed to a point.

I have also been to varios websites that claim L. Ron participated in the occult and was friends with Alistair Crowley. That said it all. T. W.

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