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Monday, January 21, 2013

Told YA They LIED........

Monday, March 29, 2010

Gucci earplugs, I believe….

So the Pope says that ,
he won’t be intimidated,
by all the criticism of his handling,
of the latest sex scandal.
(Wait till the 2012 sex scandal starts)
Well if that doesn’t tell the World,
that the Vatican never listens nothing will.
This Pope is the beginning,
of the end for the Catholic church.
Seems to me the devil is at home,
with the Holy C.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I am going by memory here. Saint Malachi predicted this would be the last Pope. If I remember correctly, the next one (or is it this one?) would be the "dark one." This meaning he is in league with the devil and has no business or desire leading Catholics in a Christan way of life. T. W.

Christian Dion said...

This Pope is the next to last

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Christian!

At least we know this nightmare known as reality will be over soon. T. W.