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Monday, February 11, 2013

Does having Three Sugar Daddies make you a whore..

As we all know Lindsay Lohan is claiming that she is broke.
But don't feel sorry for her.
She has at least three sugar daddies.......
Prince Haji Abdul.
Vikram Chatwal.
Domingo Zapata.
I wonder just how the next step will be.
I'll tell you the gutter or the jail.


Anonymous said...

Those men must have a strong immune system and excellent health insurance. T. W.

Anonymous said...

What does she do for them that is so special??? I'm just not understanding. KN

Anonymous said...

She lets them hurt her, but it doesn't bother her that much because she's on coke. She uses the language of a whore, bragging about her bedpost notches, even. Her mediocrity in bed is vastly overlooked because of her slutty attitude and willingness to be demeaned. She brings them press and attention. When you have the kind of money these men do, what's a shopping trip and part of your stash if you get a whole lot of interest and you can do shameful things to a supposed star?

Lindsay's biggest problem is honesty. She doesn't want an Oscar. She wants couture and handbags, she wants a buzz, she doesn't want to think because she's not that smart and she doesn't feel good about herself at all. She wants the trappings without the work, and she thinks she earned a permanent spot on the A-list during her Disney days. "Move that cone!" - she yells.

She isn't a good person. Her motives are shallow and base, serving no one other than herself. If she were smart, she could be a really big problem. As it is, she's not really that big of a menace, but she's so loathsome we can't help but sit back and enjoy the current schadenfreude.

Anonymous said...

Your explanation is something I never thought of. Wow. Does her mom or dad know she is doing this? Or Ali? Why don't they become more involved in her life and try to get her to stop this??

Anonymous said...

Her mom put her up to it. She lives vicariously through her children, just like Kris Kartrashian. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining. Finally I understand.