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Sorry for the late posting today

 In the photo above you see The Pope, as those of you who read this blog know.
That over a year ago predicted that he would be in trouble.
We would be told it was his health.
That there was a secret he should tell, but won't as it would really upset his followers.
Below is another prediction.
He will be spending alot of time talking the
Italian Police.
To try and save his skin.

From prosecution.
Please God they don't listen to his lies.
It's going to get very nasty......


Anonymous said…
Wow! Could the police matter have to do with the secret he should tell? Child abuse? Theft of money? Something else? I can't wait for this to come to pass. I am tired of false preachers and false church teachings, but these things must be, then the end will come. T. W.
Christian Dion said…
Anonymous said…
Of course he knew and the evidence points to the previous Pope knowing (and covering it up) too. But sad to say, their lies will most likely be accepted. They always have been allowing the abuse to be as widespread as it became. I'd love to be wrong. God forgive them for doing and hiding such evill behind his name all and covering it to sustain their power and greed.
Anonymous said…
I hope he did not actually abyse a child himself. Knowing about it but doing nothing to stop it is bad enough.

I downloaded the documentary and it is very difficult to watch. Not only that, an oral surgeon injured my nerves so everything is literally getting on them at this point in time. I grossed out my health care provider when I described my symptoms. He is in his 60s and used to work in the emergency department. T. W.
Anonymous said…
Well, once he resigns the papacy he will no longer be a head of state and will therefore no longer enjoy diplomatic immunity from prosecution. So C, this really could get interesting ... M x
Anonymous said…
That is an excellent point! I wonder if he will claim the guilty priests bishops, etc. confessed to him in confidence. I wonder what Italian law says about that? I think in America a priest hearing a confession of criminal activity is supposed to come forward, but they can't make him. He could choose to go to jail for hindering investigation, with holding evidence, etc. I hope they throw the book at him, but he might keel over. Ha! How does he think those poor children felt? This world is upside down, I can't wait for the Catholic and $cientology scandals to be over. T. W.

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