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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I AM THE .......

Rapper, moron and Kardashian handbag,
Kanye West.
Is recording a new album.
He wants to call it 
Now I know one has to be confident in show business.
But this prick is just an out of 
control arrogant wanker.
I am delight to say that it will be a financal and critical flop.


Erika said...

Hi Christian! This is completely and utterly off topic, sorry. But I was wondering if you saw Health Ledger's death coming. It absolutely wrecked me. Is he around his baby girl?

Christian Dion said...

Hi Erika It was one of those that I did see, but before I was doing the blog. Yes he watches his daughter C

Erika said...

That just made me really happy.
Bless you.

Anonymous said...

My sisters & I think Kanye lost his mind when his mother died. That man has lost his way and is in need of our prayers. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Is Kanye going to survive the fall out of his relationship with Kim and the arrogance of his image? It's almost like he really believes his the best entertainer out there. Jay-z was his only high point in his career.

Anonymous said...

Two gossip sites are reporting Kimye want to name the baby Khrist. With parents like them the child needs all the blessings it can get. T. W.