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Told Ya LIARS........

Monday, March 29, 2010

Gucci earplugs, I believe….

So the Pope says that ,
he won’t be intimidated,
by all the criticism of his handling,
of the latest sex scandal.
(Wait till the 2012 sex scandal starts)
Well if that doesn’t tell the World,
that the Vatican never listens nothing will.
This Pope is the beginning,
of the end for the Catholic church.
Seems to me the devil is at home,
with the Holy C.


Anonymous said…
I had to stop reading that article out of disgust.

Let me get this straight. The Catholic Church hired an academic to advise them on how to deal with pedophile priests. Uh, why not just let the authorities deal with them? Common sense is not common. T. W.
Anonymous said…
I'd love to see you predict the next pope! I just read they are starting their "conclave" on Tuesday. I'm feeling that guy from Canada. I hope the next one is a truly spiritual person who can clean up the church. - Elle
Anonymous said…
I had very good history teachers during high school. Pick up any history book and you will see Catholicism is not a Christian religion, it is based on a multitude of pagan customs. There is nothing for the next and final pope to clean. I am not Catholic bashing I am stating historical fact. T. W.
Anonymous said…
Yeah I honestly dont understand why Kristen team would have chosen that stunt. Yeah it kept her name in the news but the backlash from her fans wasnt worth it. Shes not that talented of an actress to get the good roles and the fan base has helped her a lot. Plus hollywood doesnt care about the cheating, they do care about you getting caught or talking about it. Now this stunt is going to follow her for years..most likely the reason Affleck dropped out so he didnt have to deal with the speculation. And Robert looks like an idiot, but I think he loves her as a friend and decided to fake it for a while, for money and to try and salvage her reputation.
Anonymous said…
Hi. I think you replied to the wrong post by accident. That's okay. If you want to be above C list you must play the PR game. This goes back to old Hollywood, it is nothing new. One of the magazines put Liz Taylor on tbe cover and it was the fastest selling issue to date. The studios caught on and now control the misinformation thst comes out.

Do you watch Entertainment Tonight, Extra or anything like that? Next time you do pay attention to whom they are talking to or what they are reporting on. The interviewees have a project coming out real soon. These shows are marketing tools.

Kristen got caught cheating by the wrong people and has to play the PR game to keep his career. Rob says one thing and does another because he knows it will not hurt what is left if his career. This is good tabloid fodder and in Hollyweird bad publicity is better than no publicity. It is win-win for Rob. T. W.

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