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Told Ya Simon courts Cheryl again

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It'll be a mess..........

 So called singer & ex X Factor judge 
both in the UK & USA 
Cheryl Cole.
Will reunite with her old band mates, 
(who also can't sing)
On Oct 19th in the UK.
So if you are not in the UK you are safe.
They all hate each other.
It's going to be a total disaster and great foder......
Mind you wait till Simon Cowell wants her back on the Xfactor ha ha.


Anonymous said…
I cannot name one song this woman sings and I have know idea what the name of her girl group is. T. W.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Christian! I checked out the song "Something New" on YouTube. No no no! Where is my recording contract? There is one good thing about listening to Girls Aloud: I finally had that bowel movement. T

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