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This is Jack Dairrymple he is the 
(R) Gov of North Dakota.
He has made the woman's right to an abortion almost impossible in his backwoods state.
Why is it that these men mostly Republican.
Want to control womens bodies.
I bet if a female Gov of a State.
Made Viagra illegal.
These same men, would be rioting in the streets.


Fiona said…
LOLZ!!! True they would not be able to get it on with their underage male prostitutes while consuming illegal drugs without there precious blue pill....jackasses
Anonymous said…
Well said,Christian.In my country(post-comunistic,catholic)a few years ago some ultra-catholic politician wanted to place Viagra on list of refunded pharmaceuticals.He also stated that 12-years old rape victim should give birth.
Anonymous said…
I hope none of these women are choosing abortion because their lives are at risk. Two lives will be lost instead of one in North Dakota. I am Christian but I know not everyone is. I am a woman and have never been pregnant. I pray no mother will ever have to make this decision. T. W.

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