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Before you start praising Margaret Thatcher

Someone posted a comment on my blog saying,
 that they thought I hated Margaret Thatcher, 
it's way past hate.
She destroyed whole villages and towns in the UK. Due to her selling off British industry out of sheer greed.
By the way the $10 million house she had in London. Was put in an offshore trust, so that her children, won't pay any death duties.
Then there's the link above


Anonymous said…
People like her only look out for number one. I am sorry people are hurting because of her. T. W.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I remember me and my sister as children in New Zealand, and we thought it's good to have a female
primeminister, but we were annoyed, because we knew in her case it was wasted, because yes she was a female,
but she didn't care about the people/land of UK, just like most of the other prime ministers, so it was pointless her being
female. Doris Stokes the famous medium, in one of her books, said as a child, she (doris), lived across the street
from Margaret Thatcher, Doris's family was on the poor side, and Margaret's was on the rich side. She said Margaret and her
siblings weren't allowed to play and get dirty or anything. Which just goes to show, rich or poor, it is your heart that always
makes the difference. Margaret obviously wasn't taught/shown that much love (weither that would have made any difference),
so everyone else gets inflicted with it. I want to understand - why, dear God, is it always the ones whose hearts arn't fully
developed and who don't care for the good of the people/land that get these high positions? I just don't get it.
Anonymous said…
Satan is the God of this world & people like Thatcher are not afraid to dance with the devil. That is how you make it in this "world." That does not mean good people have no power. This will not last forever. Hang in there and keep praying. God hears and answers! T. W.

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