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Love000002012 twitter handle....

Darlings It appears that someone with the TWITTER handle Love000002012 
is saying that I am a fraud .
Now I can't stop them from saying such things.
Free speech and all that.
But I can say 
By the way if you look up their twitter profile they have "NO" followers.
One can only assume that they live in the return dept of Walmart, 
somewhere and think that they can hang off Psychic Gossips coats.
By all means they can.


Anonymous said…
We don't care about these do we? :-)
Roxanne said…
I know you are Not a fraud! You did a reading for me, over a year ago, and everything you told me was accurate.
Anonymous said…
This is one of the Twilight fans. Twitter reads like whoever is not very smart and a bit disturbed. Not much of a life.
Anonymous said…
I agree- it's a small crazy section of the larger Twilight fan base.
But, I implore you to PLEASE continue with the updates on those two. I adore those posts the most and can NOT stop laughing at the crazy posts back and forth. I even check back after a few days to see what has been added for another laugh.
<3 from Boston, USA.
Anonymous said…
Hi C.

I don't think you need to worry about whoever that is.

M x
Anonymous said…
I completely agree with you! I hope CD keeps delighting us with his updates on the Robsten Circus. No one like him can see through this so called couple.
Anonymous said…
We know you have been blessed with your gift. Thank you for warning us about this person. I pray he or she gets a life soon. T. W.

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