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Monday, April 15, 2013

This will end in a bad way......

Some tart called Farrah Abraham,
 who I believe is the star? of 
" 16 & pregnant".
Has made a sex tape with 
a porn star called James Deen.
She is demanding $2 million for it.
She is also telling everyone who will listen, that her co Star is a terrible person, with a little dick.
I think she is in for an almighty fall.
Karma Bitch, it's a BITCH.
ps her mother watched the filming of the sex tape.


Anonymous said...

James Deen is average size. If she considers him small then I think maybe she is too big on the inside.

What kind of parent watches their child perform sex acts? That is perversion. T. W.

Anonymous said...

The mom must be just like The kardashians "money hungry" mother....sad sad sad

Anonymous said...

If you seen the video on tmz her mother is in extreme denial. But I think when the tape is out she'll understand it wasnt made without Farrah knowledge like she told her mother, but was professionally made.