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Told Ya Good riddance Maggie........

Friday, August 17, 2012

Better watch out.....

British Prime Minister David Cameron who has proved to be a total loss.
Needs to keep a low profile.
As the next few months will prove to be very bad for him and his croonies.
If he keeps opening his big mouth. 
Watch for Spring 2013 when MT goes.
He'll lap it up moron.


Anonymous said…
Hi C.
I certainly won't be shedding any tears for Maggie Thatcher. Unfortunately, we in the UK are once again living with policies that are destructive and divisive in the same way that Thatcherism was. Hope Cameron and his cronies are not in office for anywhere near as long as Thatcher was.
M x
Anonymous said…
I was a child when she was in power and I do not understand British politics. I heard this lady was mean but other than that I do not know anything. Could someone please explain? Thank you! T. W.

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