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Told Ya A new version of an old cult.......

Christian Dion 
The Seer’s 
2013 Predictions
Completed Dec 19th 2012
83                  Cults A slew of  "Religious Cults" will appear in 2013 claiming all sorts of crap, which is exactly what it is Crap. But many lives will be taken due to these con men/women.

So Peaches Geldof has owned up to being a member of the CULT
OTO " Ordo Templi Orientis " 
formed by Alister Crowley many many years ago. He was known as the World's most dangerous man, he was too.
This is not a good trend. 


Anonymous said…
Crowley was absolutely demonic. Why would anyone join a group like this? My guess is instant gratification. T. W.
Christian Dion said…
HI TW Crowley was a real monster, and anyone who follows his preachings in headed for trouble CD
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the warning. From what I have read, people ended up insane and/or died under strange circumstances.

One website alleged he is Barbara Bush's biological father. Her mother was a known associate of his and she ended up in an insane asylum. The website had side by side photos. All I will say is we now have an explanation for George Bush the younger. T. W.

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