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Monday, April 22, 2013

Told Ya No X Factor for Khloe......


Saturday, September 8, 2012

X Factor favourite......

Khole Kardashian seems to be the front runner to become the new host of X Factor USA.
Dear God, talk about scraping the bottom of the talent barrel.
There are plenty of REALLY talented people in Hollywood that would be much better.
Come on Simon, go with talent not tart...
This will be a disaster.


Anonymous said...

what is this on twitter being talked about? that you update your predictions and edit them to make it look like you predicted something way back and make it look 100% accurate. Im shocked and pissed. When something is too good to be true it usually is...

Christian Dion said...

Hi I have seen it, I can't stop people reading the blog, or believing what they believe. But I won't published it. As those that read and follow the blog know, I publish 99% of comments .Also that TOLD YA are sometimes often other times not. That's the nature of predicting. Hope that explains it.

Anonymous said...

Cd do you edit anything make it look like you predicted something way back then,why are people saying that,do you do that sometimes

Christian Dion said...

Hi No I don't edit predictions. I answered this before I have no control over what people think or say. I publish 99.99% of comments. But I will not publish lies. I have heard that someone has started to say things on twitter. Not my problem, CD

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up,I was asking again cause I didnt fullley understand your reply before

Anonymous said...

Cd what's the deal with khloe and her husband. People are constantly saying they are getting divorced. Do u see this happening with this couple?

Christian Dion said...

Oh for sure divorce is on the cards, but Mamaanger Kris Jenner doesn't want it, so we will have to wait for him to grow a pair CX