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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Told YA What a PRICK.........

Bloody idiot........picking on NUNS?

Pope Francis, you know the new Pope, the one who said the Church needs to change.
Well, he's bringing a change sort of.
He isn't so much cracking down on the 
child sex abuse.
No, he's decided to crack down on Feminist Nuns.
I don't even know what he means.
But what I think he's trying to do.
Is go after a certain number of Nuns.
Who support equal rights for all.
Sounds like business as usual to me.
He better watch out, or he may end up with one of those famous.
Papal heart attacks.


Anonymous said...

OMG do you think feminist nuns actually have the power of "provoking" a Papal heart attack? LOL Personally I think the church and the Vatican should do a deep renewal and catch up with the actual world and the important problems.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you @8:55 !! They need to work on real world problems. Although it is interesting to back away from the Church and look at this all. I went to a Catholic school and was raised Catholic... i hardly go to church anymore and my parents still do. I still feel like they try to instill in you to believe what they want and believe what they feel is right. I do wonder how much they are covering up though! Do you see ever any big scandal or something come about with the Catholic church and the Pope Christian?

Emmanuel Joof said...

CD granted that the Catholic church is old fashion, dogmatic and marred with sexual scandals but don't u think that you are a bit harsh on Rl Papa???

Christian Dion said...

I am rough on all HYPOCRITES regardless of who they are.CD

Anonymous said...

You would think that a church that believes in marriage and family values would encourage marriage. It seems that a married couple with children, dog, yard, etc. is the goal for a stable society and for religions - why be against that? Marriage is an old-fashioned, legally binding, long term kind of thing - they should be grateful ANYONE wants to get married any more!