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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Don't like these kind of predictions.

Over the last few nights,
I have had strange dreams, re both the
Whitehouse and/or Whitehall.
With the terrible event of the attack,
 on the BRAVE Soldier yesterday.
The dreams increased.
So as much as I hate negative predictions. 
I have to post what I remember.
These THUGS also known as 
Muslim Extremists. 
Are planning somekind of attack,
 on one or both of the above. 
I pray the powers that be catch them/it before it happens. 
I will not post everything here, 
as not to tip the wink to those 
who are planning this. 
Some who read this blog will be upset by me posting this, so be it. 
It isn't my job to pick and choose only the good/fun stuff. 
Welcome to my daily World.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what kind of predictions? P.J

Christian Dion said...

DId you read the post? CD

Anonymous said...

It sounds scary... Sorry Christian, but this time I hope you're wrong.

Anonymous said...

Not good. Let's hope they can be thwarted in their despicable attempts to do harm. Also not pleasant and hard to imagine what it's like for you to have visions/dreams of this kind of evil invade your waking and sleeping moments. M x

Anonymous said...

I hope the powers that be get this message. I am a Christian so I will pray about this matter. I know your gift can be frightening at times. You did right to post this. I will pray for you as well. T. W.

Christian Dion said...


Myles Standoffish said...

I applaud you for this. You have my gratitude and admiration right now CD.