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Heading for a breakdown.......

Husband stealing tart 
Leanne Rhimes is still ranting on at 
Brandi Granville.
This is not going to go away anytime soon.
In fact Leanne should stop and take stock.
Or she'll end up in the loony bin.
Where quite frankly I feel she'll belongs anyway.
I can't wait for Eddie, 
Leanne's present hubby to wake up.
Once he does he'll get the hell out of there.


Anonymous said…
I haven't really followed this Leanne drama thing. But, I can't help feeling sorry for her. It seems to be just bad decisions from her over and over. Like she can't resist attention or can't resist mindlessly reacting without thinking first? She had real talent and didn't need to go this route...
Anonymous said…
don't ever feel sorry for the horse face, she should take some responsibility for her actions, the way she treats people suing a school teacher with special needs kids. She's going too far. I hope Karma catches up to her. mma
Anonymous said…
I know that Leanne was probably a mess before Eddie thats kinda what happens when you start out in the business at such a young age but I dont feel sorry for Eddie at all. I feel that he is a womanizer and he'll just continue to cheat and is using Leanne right now because of her money. She must know this at some level which would make her more paranoid and desperate for attention. And as for Brandie, well she may not be a mental mess like Leanne but she is still a fame whore and she is just as much to blame for her stupid twitter war with Leanne as Leanne is. Someone needs to tell her that her ex is a golddigger, cheater, and a douche and she needs to grow up too and move on and ignore Leannes rants and digs at her on twitter. Eventually Leanne will move on too.
Anonymous said…
Just wondered what are the chances of Kimberly Smiley (teacher) whose being sued by this horse face -Leann? I feel bad for the teacher cuz she's got special kids that she's adopted.

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