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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just couldn't resist.......


Anonymous said...

Oh baby, baby baby oh . . . T. W.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to post here CD. I do not have a blog, but is Sylvia Browne truly a psychic? I am assuming her reveal to the mother of 1 of the 3 women held hostage for over 10 yrs was just a simply mistake and not purposely done for notoriety.

Christian Dion said...

One of many public mistakes....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding. Does she have a gift to foresee the future or connect to a spiritual source. I don't know why I feel that she is a kind hearted woman trying to help with her psychic abilities. I could be wrong, I hope I am not.

Anonymous said...

He He He!
M x

Anonymous said...

CD My question doesn't belong to this prediction but if you could answer me, I'd appreciate it! Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have, reportedly break up their 3 years relationship. Can you see if they will ever reconcile? Thanks!

Christian Dion said...

If I were to respond to your question I would have to teel the truth, so perhaps my not responding speaks volumes. CD

Anonymous said...

Silvia Browne is a fake/ fraud- she's made a living lying to people. Maybe that's why Montel Williams wa finally cancelled....the overwhelming complains about inaccurate predictions

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Sylvia Browne is a known fraud. Just check out her website and published predictions. I loved to watch the Montel Williams show and every year this woman lied. This is not the first time she said someone was dead and they turned out to be alive.

This woman has written many books and if you read them you will see she is into the occult. That is a red flag. That means the person does not have a gift. They are dealing with familiar spirits.

She is also head of her own church. She claims they are Gnostics. That is not Christian because they teach Jesus Christ is not God in the flesh. The Bible says this teaching is AntiChrist and not to let people like this into your home.

Montell Williams was a member of her church and I knew she would be his downfall. Sadly, I was correct. He lost his health, his show, his family, and his money. T. W.