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Saturday, June 29, 2013

All tis ranting and raving........

All this carrying on regarding the IRS looking closely into the Tea Party & others.
Don't they know it was triggered,
 by one of their own.
A Republican Tea Party member..
Much more to come.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the Republican got out of it. . . T. W.

dshareef222 said...

Simply not a scandal. Worker(s) trying best they could to screen groups for tax exempt status. Of course Republicans want to lay everything at the feet of the President.

Anonymous said...

Also the IRS scrutinized progressive groups as well. None of the groups were denied status, with the exception of one of them, which was a progressive group!!! I am sick of hearing that they only target conservative groups. But you hardly hear that being mentioned. And lastly, the law written by congress in the late 1950's said "exclusively", then years later the IRS "rules" were changed, not the federal law, mind you, to read, "primarily". Folks working on this found themselves working in a gray area, trying to decide who qualified and who didn't. The IRS rules were not in compliant with the law. The GOP has made this a political issue when it is not. There is an easy fix, simply FOLLOW THE LAW THE WAY IT IS WRITTEN, "EXCLUSIVELY."