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Friday, June 28, 2013

As requested......

Oh Deary, deary me.......
If you think things are bad for Paula Deen now.
Just wait three weeks.
As the ALL the worms come out of the closet.
She should just retire NOW.


Anonymous said...

We will wait with glee. "I is what I is. . ." is the punchline to an infamous racist joke. Paula Deen can't help herself!

On a lighter note, Springet Farms Chickens are delicious! T. W.

Anonymous said...

If she would have just stopped talking! Her ego outsized her stupid mouth.

Anonymous said...

I read the deposition, and there is so much more than the "N" word here. Her brother who was head of one of her restaurants called black people monkeys and coons. He said he would sell the "coons" for $10.00 a piece, he shook a black man, told the black employees that they had no civil rights, and made black employees enter through the rear of the building unlike the white employees who were allowed to enter through the front. Please read the deposition to see what really goes on at Paula's restaurants. And remember that this case was filed by a white woman who was married to a doctor at one time and hated how she saw black employees treated.

Anonymous said...

Paula allegedly hid money in the restaurant and watch the black employees try to find it. There are also allegations of sexual harrassment. Having said all this, Paula merely endorses (or once did) certain items & I feel it makes no sense to boycott the products because of her. I am black and the products existed before Paula Deen. Coca Cola endorsed apartheid but I see no one is boycotting them. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Hi CD, its been 3 weeks and nothing from Paula Deen. Is the scandal over now? She lost alot, but It looks as though that is it.