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Friday, June 7, 2013

Dear Justin remember Icarus.........

Justin this is a picture of Icarus...........
If you had stayed at school long enough, you would have learned about him.
He too had an EGO the size of yours.
He thought he could fly...
He did went too close to the Sun, 
and dropped like a brick.

Now in the pic above we can see the wires that allow you to fly in your stage show.
But this decision of yours to fly on. Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Space Ship.
Not a good idea.
If you want to tour more, best not go.
Time for your Mum to put her foot down.
If necessary she has to ground you.


Kayla Studavent said...

Did they not learn from last time, how much of a mess Justin was/is going to be tour. They need to send this child somewhere secluded from everyone else, because it doesn't matter where he goes, he's always going to be in trouble.

dshareef222 said...

I definitely get the warning here. It was the same warning for Leo DiCaprio. Whoever this guy is that's trying to fly celebrities out to space isn't to be trusted--especially when it come to this.

Anonymous said...

Man, that ship is gonna be destroyed. If Justin had stayed in school he would have learned about the Challenger explosion. Why can't Beyonce go in his place? I know that was mean and I wish death on no one. I was making a point about how hated she is. T. W.

Anonymous said...

You are really seeing this Virgin Galactic as bad, wow. Are you getting this as a full-on crash-and-burn scenario?