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Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Queen of the airwaves......

Queen Latifah.
Is starting her own talkshow.
On September 16th 2013 for CBS.
I sense that she is going to be the next Oprah, 
but even bigger.


Anonymous said...

Queen Latifah seems like a sweetheart. I am so happy she'll do well, but, I read some article on Oprah and the impact she had on decades of television, etc. I just don't think it's possible for anybody to be bigger especially with all the extra tv channels as competition.

Erika said...

Do you think that she'll "come out" on her show? It's well known that she's gay, but she's never acknowledged it.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Queen Latifah has a huge fan base. Also she had her own talk show many years ago. I am sure she has learned from her mistakes. Records are meant to be broken and i wish Queen well. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Hi Erika. I don't understand coming out. You don't see straight people announcing it to the world. Sometimes you just know someone is gay. A lot of times you can't. I think Queen Latifah and others feel the world does not need to know who they take to bed. I agree. I love celebrity gossip but I don't need to know who slept with who. T. W.

Erika said...

I agree. I was just wondering. Being in a relationship isn't just about sex, I don't care who sleeps with whom. That never crossed my mind.

Anonymous said...

: - )

I understood what you meant. I guess I stuck my foot in my mouth again! Be blessed & stay blessed! T. W.