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Oh there's more to this than meets the eye

The recently witnessed  
"Throat Grabbing incident'.
Involving UK Tv celebrity chef, 
Nigella Lawson and her hubby 
(not for long) 
Charles Saatchi.
Wasn't a one off.
Over the coming months, 
the truth will emerge 
re his drinking. Plus her dash, 
 a little slow.
To the divorce court.
Going to get messy.


Anonymous said…
He accepted a police caution for assault tonight apparently. If someone is willing to grab your throat in public I would not like to think what might go on in private. Like you say, this story is likely to run and run.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, if he is past caring other people seeing him doing it public, she best
leave right now (already has), as his unhealthy focus on her will just get
worse and worse. Hope they both get the help they need?
P.S - Hi Christian - love your site:-)-christine.
Anonymous said…
That man is old as dirt and she comes from wealth. Either he has dirt on her or her self esteem is in the toilet. Those photos were weird. The choking in public is the tip of the iceberg. T. W.
Anonymous said…
Thank you CD!!!!!

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