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Poor little sulky face

My poor little favourite lesbian, Justin Bieber.
Is all a bother.
Seems he's not liking the heat that's building up around him.
Due to his spoilt brat behaviour.
Especially the trouble that's about to drop on him due to his hi speed reckless driving.
In his posh enclave in Calabassas CA.
Maybe they should just shut the gates,
 to keep him inside.
At least the rest of the World would be safe.
Well let's see how he looks when the police, 
pay him a visit in the coming days.


Kayla Studavent said…
So its said that he wasnt the one speeding in his car, it was one of his friends, who just happen to be black and a rapper. In fact the guy is claiming he was the one driving not innocent old Justin. I wouldnt be surprised if they paid the guy off just to get the heat off of Justin.
Anonymous said…
Watch him get a slap on the wrist this time. Some people need to be deported. T. W.
Anonymous said…
One gossip site claims Justin's "people" put that story out. I find it odd someone else has been the driver of his car when something bad happens. If I owned a car worth over $100,000 I would not lend it to anyone. T. W.

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