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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tim goes to New England.......

Recently fired Tim Tebow, 
is no longer unemployed.
(Well for now)
He's signed a two  year deal.
To play for The New England Patriots.

I don't think he'll get to year two.
I can't see how patriots and Jesus can co-exist. 
The fans will decided this one.......


Anonymous said...

Thank you for today's laugh! I am loving that picture. I wonder if Tebow will go into the ministry full time? T. W.

Erika said...

There's no way he's a virgin.
Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

A lot of people agree with you. T. W.

Anonymous said...

As a Bostonian, I am SO interested in this story. Our sports radio and print people were going crazy. I can see Boston fans giving him hell if he draws too much attention to himself or celebrates on the sidelines by praying after each good play/touchdown. (A lot of NFL players quickly group pray AFTER a game, but, the key here for Bostonians is not to make a spectacle of yourself or your religious beliefs.)
I hope we get more updates on this story!

Anonymous said...

You just reminded me of what Jesus said about certain people. They like to pray long prayers in public to show how "holy" they are. Tebow is taking the scripture "pray without ceasing" out of context. There is no such thing as a perfect Christian but he is going to get more attention simply because he is in the public eye. Scriptures call for us to be modest, which means we should not draw attention to ourselves on purpose. It is my opinion Tebow needs to pray in private and then just listen. I am not Catholic but I do recommend Eucharist Adoration. T. W.