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Sunday, June 30, 2013

TOLD YA More MJ secrets revealed......


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Secret will surface.................

As we approach the 1st anniversary,
of the death of Michael Jackson.
Over the coming weeks,months & years.
We will see all kinds of crap will appear.
However amongst all the jibberish,
there will be one massive secret that,
will come to light............
It has to do with the death scene.

What was there, then removed.
It will change Jackson history...


Anonymous said...

I knew it! The reports confirm Michael enjoyed watching child porn. I wonder if it is hot where he is now? T. W.

Anonymous said...

This is from this website:

“There are a couple of paintings Jackson made of naked boys. And there are some whitening creams, some sex aids…some of the old records in his sealed court case. This is stuff we have kept from the auction out of respect to Mr. Jackson. The guy has troubles. We all have skeletons in the closet and, if Michael hadn’t put up a fuss, I might have quietly, discreetly, just given it to him. I’m a gentleman…but if he pisses me off, I may end up auctioning them.” Richard Altomare

Anonymous said...

The big reveal has not happened yet. Anthony Pellicano dropped Michael as a client because he discovered something about him that was worse than molesting children. Someone on another gossip site thought MJ ran a child trafficking ring. Corey Feldman has stated MJ would show pornography to him. I fear MJ may have been manufacturing and/or disseminating child porn. When the truth comes out I hope it ALL comes out. Pedophiles like this run in packs. T. W.

Anonymous said...

OMG TW - that is BAD! And that may be the connection to Marc Schaffel who ran a porn business???

Anonymous said...

Another "blind item" from always haunted me - thinking it could be MJ: "Despite medical privacy laws, this woman was able to smuggle out (copies) of damaging paperwork on this patient. In her words (to our source): The paperwork I have, (along with signatures) proves that a black superstar was (preparing) to undergo a sex change and I was going to assist the doctor in this reassignment surgery. His family and friends were unaware of this and his aide (mentioned above) tried to talk him out of it, allegedly-telling him: You will lose your entire fan base if you go through with this, your family, friends, peers and fans will distance themselves from you; you will be a pariah. Your career will be over! Do you want to ruin and sabotage everything you worked for? There were always rumors to this affect-surrounding this superstar, but I have the paperwork to prove, it was the truth! He backed down (at the last minute) from the sex change after an older male relative was secretly informed. He was told, ‘You are not going to embarrass this family and he was called a freak!’ I’ve kept those papers all these years and I don’t care about the confidentiality agreements and privacy laws, I’m an old woman in ill health."

Anonymous said...

Not sure who Marc is. I feel child porn is the missing link. I hope all the perpretrators get what is coming. T. W.

Anonymous said...

I thought Michael Jackson *was* a white woman. Maybe this is Dennis Rodman? Ha ha. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha.... but is Dennis Rodman considered a "superstar"???

Anonymous said...

In fact, becoming a woman might "help" Dennis Rodman - ha ha -- don't think it was him....