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Saturday, June 8, 2013

TOLD YA Trouble at Havenhurst..........

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Definition of BITCH !

Debbie Rowe aka Ex Mrs Jackson.
Feels she has been ignored of late.
So she is showing (FAKE) …
Sadness, hurt, ????
Crap, she just wants more money.
She won’t get it.
PS if she re-enters her children's lives in the next 
3 years.
It will be really bad news for her daughter....


Anonymous said...

I hear Prince refers to Debbie as "that woman." T. W.

Anonymous said...

Why is she trying to pretend she is a mother now, when the
reason she did it in the first place was for money and as
a surrogate knowing it was for michael?

Fiona said...

Those poor children, they did not choose to born into this life. With all the scandal about Michael abusing children. It makes you wonder what they might have gone threw, and to have this money monger on them now :( My heart goes out to those kids ....No child deserves it.

Anonymous said...

My mom reminded me of an interview we saw. Debbie said something like, "My God, I don't want those kids. God no!" I guess she needs money to raise her horses. T. W.