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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wee Willy Wonker.......

So Dean McDermott aka Mr Tori Spelling.
Who is known for his love of tattoos.
Has a new one, tattoo that is.
In honour of his wife.
This one he had placed on his willy......
The good news is that her name has only two syllables and four letters.
Can't wait for the divorce and the laser work OUCH......


Anonymous said...

NO! Really? I kind of thought they were stuck together, more by life circumstances than anything. Who would have them now with so much baggage and so little talent? He's no great shake- now has 4 kids he's responsible for and no money. Do you know if it is going to be a cheating thing?

Anonymous said...

That photo is creepy. Blind item sites claim they are both cheating. I don't know what the truth is but I get a bad feeling every time I see this guy or hear his name. As for the willy tattoo, WHAT WAS HE THINKING?! Maybe he is one of those guys that gets off on pain. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Stella always looks miseable. I would NOT put it past Dean the sex freak that he’s MOLESTING his own daughter!!!