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Monday, July 22, 2013


Oscar winner Ben Affleck.
Will over the next couple of years.
Win another Oscar.
This time not for acting.
But, directing...........


Anonymous said...

Umm he's got an oscar for directing already he said that he hopes to someday be recognized for his acting though. Is that what you meant?

Christian Dion said...

Indeed he has one for directing....I did mean for acting but bloody dyslexia...gets in the way.... ha ha

Anonymous said...

Actually he has 2, 1 for writing (best original screenplay)and 1 for Producing. No acting and no directing Oscars.

Anonymous said...

Christian - ditto the above post - he has 1 for writing and 1 for producing. This is great to hear! The three movies he's directed have been excellent. He seems very talented. I've heard that he and Matt Damon are planning a movie about Boston mobster Whitey Bulger - with Ben directing and Matt starring... maybe that will be the movie?

Also - if this royal baby is ever born... will you give us any predictions on the future of this little future king or queen? How many kids will Will and Kate have?

Your blog is so much fun! Elle

Anonymous said...

Wow. Ben is a talented director and producer who is apparently a really nice man. However, the guy is not a very good actor. Not that that will stop him winning an oscar! Amazing that some in hollywood who are quite good (Affleck, Clooney etc) have several oscars across numerous categories while some others who are brilliant (Dicaprio, Oldman, Julianne Moore) etc have no oscars

Anonymous said...

Exactly,he even wasn't nominated for best directing for Argo.