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Monday, July 22, 2013

TOLD YA...........Royal Baby BOY arrives.........


Monday, April 18, 2011

The Happy Couple......

So many of you have asked me what I see for the 
Royal Wedding.
They will be happy.
Within 18 months will be pregnant with a boy.
(and maybe even another)
Once Lillibet has celebrated her Diamond Jubilee.
She will hand the throne over to William & Kate.


Anonymous said...

Lovely news - congratulations to them! Such a shame though that William's mother, Diana will not be around as a presence/influence in the little boy's life. CD - might they have a little girl in the future?

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Did you mean that the Queen would hand the throne over to CHARLES and thus William is to become more involved as the new official heir to the throne?

Anonymous said...

William and Kate will rule. Charles will never be king and I don't think he cares. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Congatulations to this couple and their little boy. They seem so happy and in love. I hope that lasts for them. William seems so protective of and attentive towards his little family. It is a shame his Mum is n't here though. She would have made a wonderful Grandmother.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of babies, CD have you seen the pictures of a.pregnant Kate Winslet that are now online? My word, her reps say she is not due until the end of the year. How on earth will she manage until Nov-Dec? She is already BIG.

Anonymous said...

Is Kate anorexic? She's becoming to thin. With her frame, I don't she is naturally thin.