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Friday, August 9, 2013

Not too soon....

The drama that is developing around,
 Senator Mitch McConnell's, 
decision not to fire his campaign manger.
Who was caught on tape bad mouthing the Senator.
Is the beginning of the slippery slope.
Out of the Senate door.


Anonymous said...

All these people need to be replaced. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. T. W.

dshareef222 said...

I hope Allison wins!

Anonymous said...

I hope he is out. It will be a happy day to see him gone. Remember is agenda, only thing he wants to do is to see President Obama fail.

Anonymous said...

soooooo disappointed folks did not vote during yesterday's mid-term elections....so now we will likely have Slippery Mitch as head of the Senate....bad enough us Dem's lost that chamber. HOW is it possible, that Republicans can have a much lower approval rating by the American public, in the twenties, and President Obama's hoovers around low forties, yet, it is Obama the villain, the loser in this election, while the Obstructionist,. lead by Slippery Mitch on day one, who said, "my number one priority is to make this President fail"....how is it that Republicans get awarded with increased leadership, more power and can now take majority control of our country's agenda. It is so sickening and scary to me. I really feel, Obama has made mistakes, but I believe he has had successes as well, and is a man of the people. Where is this country heading now, with these election results. Also, the idea of them drilling this horrendous Keystone Pipeline, upsets me.