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Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh this is going to be a mess.....


So Simon Cowell & Laura Silverman.
Are being seen in public more and more.
Seems the PR machine is in full swing.
But judging by this pic.
They don't seem very Happy to me.
This is going to be one big train wreck.


Anonymous said...

Who smokes around a pregnant woman?

CDAN is reporting Ms. Silverman's pregnancy is further along than has been reported. I am sick of Simon anyway. T. W.

Anonymous said...

I'm not psychic and even I think this is a trainwreck. She looks like trouble. By the way - do you see anything about Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson? Are they going to marry again? Or are they easing Sarah back into the family because their daughter might marry soon? Also - any predictions on the "late night" situation in the US? When Jimmy Fallon takes the Tonight Show in February - will Jay Leno pull another stunt like he did with Conan? Elle

Christian Dion said...

Hi Elle re Andy & Fergie ob British TV before they got divorced I said that they would get back together. So it's. a Told Ya but one from way back before the blog CD