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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

TOLD YA Coming to a Town near you soon...


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Charity, should begin at home PM........

British Prime Minister 
David Cameron and 
his gang of nutters.
Have in the last few days decided that they will cut the funding to the Armed Forces as well as Education. 
To name but two,
As they say it is necessary to get the country back on it's feet.
But on Wednesday he decided to give Pakistan 650 million pounds, (about a Billion Dollars).
For education..........
Brilliant now the Pakistani terrorists can build smarter bombs.
When the riots re start in the UK.
At least he'll know the reason, one hopes.


Anonymous said...

I can't work out why the riots have not happened already. UK local authories have revealed stats which say that it is not possible to re-house 90% of tenants affected by the bedroom tax whether those tenants are wulling or not. The alternative accomodation needed does not exist. The impact and implementation of this policy is costing more than it would save. Also, around 70% of people worst affected are people with disabilities. The Tories are of course the 'nasty party' but the Lib dems are making these policies happen too.
Shame on them

Anonymous said...

1. What on earth is a bedroom tax?

2. Why cut education in your country and give a billion to a known terrorist country. Even if they use all of it on education no female will benefit since they are not allowed to go to school.

3. You cut military/safety and send a billion to terrorists. . . . T. W.

Christian Dion said...

HI TW In the UK if you live in a council house ie projects and you have a spare room that has no one in it ie your kids have left home. They tax you for the spare room as there is a shortage of public housing..dosent mater that you have lived there all your life...

Anonymous said...

Shame any riots can't speed up the next general election in UK (given that the current government legislated to ensure they stay in power until May 2015). That said, the Labour Party have n't promised to reverse any of the current policies. Depressing:-(

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian! Thank you for the answer. Why don't they move the tenants around if they are willing to move in order to avoid paying the tax? Why not rent out all those rooms in Clarence House, Buckingham Palace, etc? Here in the states, the White House belongs to the people yet we can't show up, spend the night, etc when we feel like. The rich do not care and I believe they are setting us up for Socialism. They are doing this slowly. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian,
I really have no words for what the uk government is putting you all through?...(most govs are the same though..arn't they..). My ebook
All Over The Place, on Amazon has a buckingham palace 'room' sentence in one of the stories.
It maketh no senseth.:-) Like seriously, what planet or alternate reality did David Cameron and his bro's grow up on?
Kind Regards, Christine (New Zealand).