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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

TOW TRUCK in her future.....

Regardless of how much money you have.
You don't give a $125k SUV to a 16 year old.
Yet that's exactly what Kylie Jenner, 
of the Kardashian clan got.
Just how stupid can her mother be.
Oh Yeah really stupid.
After all she filmed her daughters sex tape.
Well maybe she'll be there to film the 
fatal accident.
That his stupid pressie causes.


Anonymous said...

Hi CD - I am worried about Lamar Odem and his state of mind & health. What is being reported is terrible.I hope he will get help. Question about Miley Cyrus, is she ok? It was extrememly uncomfortable to watch her on the boradcast news last night, I couldnt believe it. As a young woman, my I was embarassed for her.

Christian Dion said...

Hi I think Miley is stood at a crossroads of her life. Where she will either turn right or wrong. After taking a false start wrong. She will self correct and be fine CD

Anonymous said...

I am sorry a fatal accident is going to happen. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean Christian that you see her dieing in a fatal accident or someone else in the wreck? I can see mama Jenner taking advantage of this scenerio either way. I heard Bruce has been done with all this for a long time and never wanted this kind of life style for his kids, will this be a wake up call to finally get the girls the hell away from the cameras and Hollywood lifestyle?

Anonymous said...

TMZ reporting multiple car crash yesterday (so a day after the prediction was posted, for the skeptics). No fatalities, but causing a crash with 3 other vehicles would qualify as a warmup for vehicular homicide.