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Scott "IsDick" Disick aka Miss Kardashian..

So this Dickhead, Scott Disick, 
almost hubby hanger on,
 of one of the Kardashian tarts.
Seems to think that this is funny.
Well arsehole it's not.
While millions of people are being,
 thrown out of their homes.
As well as millions of American children.
Go to bed hungry.
You, who does nothing except pose.
(badly may I add)
Seems to think you have a personality.
Or something worth saying.
I am glad to say a big fall awaits you.
Overdue in my book.


Anonymous said…
I thought about you when I saw the pictures online. I need toilet paper like this. On the serious side, a relative of mine lost her husband, children, job and home. We need God's justice in this world not man's. T. W.
Anonymous said…
Hopefully this will speed up the beginning of the end of this hubris. I don't even know if these people are human let alone a family.
Anonymous said…
like T. W. I thought about you as well. And I saw that people were outraged. The thing is people who are trully happy and rich don't need to flaunt it. The richest people including Oprah , Warren Buffet, Bill Gates give so much money to charity and don't feel the need to be on instagram twitter, facebook, keek, etc. I found this pic very metaphorical. Be careful of what you do, the universe listens. You put your money as toilet paper to wipe your ass...and it just may flush down the toilet like you intended. A.D.

P.S. I love your blog! 1. You are the most accurate 2. I think some people don't understand your sense of humor and that you aren't mean. You understand karma and remind us that it exists no matter who you are. When people are in position where they can bring light to so much or do good, it sometimes makes no sense how disillusioned they are.
Anonymous said…
CD will he marry his Kardashian babys' mama? Or will it blow up in his face like the other Kardashian women's husbands/boyfriends?
Christian Dion said…
The only person this dick will marry his himself CD
Anonymous said…
Lol.....I agree I luv his sense of humor
Anonymous said…
Lol exactly. I truly believe in karma
Anonymous said…
Im not sure the energy behind the 'universe' thinks or behaves in a shallow way like human brains do..e.g - 'karma'- an eye for an eye bullshit - give it some credit! its more what a person truely needs they will get..e.g -kardashians - they need to be truely grateful for things again and to come from the heart more, so eventually they will get this again. Heres hoping....:-) for everyones sake.

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