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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bah Humbug....A Very Unmerry Christmas.....

My favourite lesbian,
 Justin Bieber's new movie 
" Believe ".
Will hit theaters on Christmas Day.
Now that's a downer.
Money hit.
Critical flop.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering what you mean by Bieber being a lesbian. Does that mean he's a biotch....or inside he's a woman. Curious. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Well it may not even be "money hit". This1D band is already taking many of his fans. If their money didn't do as good then I don't this one would.

Anonymous said...

Some people think he looks like Ellen DeGeneres. Bieber is Usher's protege. Usher was P. Diddy's protege. Usher has publicly stated he attended orgies and shared a bed with Diddy. Usher was a minor when all this occurred. Oh! Another site claims Diddy is under investigation for child abuse and child porn. Do you see anything about this Christian? Thanks. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Diddy is so not cool. Usher's protege? Interesting. Usher is much more talented than Bieber, but I have to say that when he did an unplugged version of his song as long as you love me it was obvious that he does have some talent and if he stuck to that format he'd probably do better, imo.

I think the issue is that he acts like a little dick. I mean come on, he's going to go to England and criticize Prince William??? Wow, talk about stupid. He really needs someone to give him a swift kick to straighten him out.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God..can't wait till little bieber is off the radar for good. Can't wait till he gets his big fall from a great height to see if he can ever get his ego in check. Bieber is what happens when people say your better than everyone else and u actually believe it..and the result, well obviously not a pretty sight by any stretch.