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Monday, October 28, 2013

Ha Ha Ha Ha.....

Conrad Murray, he who murdered
 Michael Jackson.
Wants to get his medical license back.
He's even applied in Texas to do just that.
It won't happen.
He just needs to go hide away.
But I see him writing a tell all book.
Which will make him a fortune.
But if he writes like most Dr's do on prescriptions.
No one will be able to read it.


Anonymous said...

If I read you correctly he will make money because the book is a true tell all. He will also need to hide for this reason. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so do you mean to say that he intentionally killed MJ or that he was so grossly negligent that he killed MJ?? I am shocked by how this man treated MJ. I am sure he only cared about the money, but I am just looking for some clarification. I am interpreting it as gross neglect and incompetence. Let me know if I am incorrect.
Your client,
Laura O

Christian Dion said...

HI Laura You are correct CD

Anonymous said...

I thought the doctor "killed" MJ to further another person's agenda. Then again using propofol as a sleeping aid is grossly negligent. T. W.