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Thursday, October 10, 2013

TOLD YA Jonas Bros no more....

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Something is brewing.........

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Bros fame.
Is a little off.....
I get the feeling that he's ab"out",
 to spill some beans.


Anonymous said...

Maybe that's why they broke up. Isn't the oldest brothet gay? Why marry a woman only to make her and the children unhappy? T. W.

Anonymous said...

CD - Did poor ticket sales have anything to do with it?

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Anonymous said...

Kevin has never come out, but im pretty sure his wife knows and is more than ok with it. She is a class a fame whore and wanted that reality show to get famous. Blinds are also suggesting that she is faking her pregnancy and will fake a miscarrage all for more attention.

Anonymous said...

Really? I always thought the was the only that had a future out of the band, kinda sad i was rooting for him. So is he the one coming out?im confuse because he's the only one that hasn't giving me any gay vibes.

Anonymous said...

To "ab out" one of his brothers or himself?, As a gay man myself, I always he was straight. Would be shock if its him? Can you clarify this?

Anonymous said...

Frankly Nick and Kevin have always seemed gay. Kevin just gives off those gay vibes an Nicl has pretty much "dated" all the hollywood beards.

Emily Gutierrez said...