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Way worse before it gets better..

As so many of you have asked,
 what I think about this mess.
Here's my answer.
These spoilt brats on both sides,
 that pass for politicians in DC.
Are going to milk this for all it's worth.
The all need to be fired and made to go work down the mines for a week.
Or better still stock shelves in Walmart.
This will be going on till Thanksgiving..


Anonymous said…
Oh No! At least the end is within sight. I hope the people depending upon Social Security for income can still get it during this time. My home state is shutting down the WIC program. All the vouchers that have already been given out will be honored. North Carolina is the fourth poorest state in the nation. It is bad enough people cannot get their food stamps. Many people have been without for over a year due to a change in software. God is our source, not man. We should be relying on Him, not the government. T. W.
Anonymous said…
The default. You see that?
Anonymous said…
CD, how can you say it's both sides fault. The Dems can;t compromise on this because if they do, then they will force him to privatize S.S., Medicare, and won't stop. Besides, if you know how our government works.....the House is the only one that can shut the government down, not the Dems and the Tea Party conservatives did so out of spite to nullify the Obama presidency. You can't compromise with thugs because the next thing they'll demand is to privatize S.S., Medicaid, and Medicare and that is a big, big, loser. No they have to compromise. These Tea Partiers are not even real conservatives, they are bought and paid for by the fascist Koch brothers to act in their self interest.

Do you have any inclinations about these vile Koch Brothers??? Will they EVER get the Karma that they richly deserve for being greedy, selfish, anti-American, fascist pigs??? I pray they will..... What is your thoughts on that??/
Anonymous said…
I would like to know what is going to happen too. Can you tell us? Thanks...KN
Anonymous said…
til thanksgiving? wow! that's insane
Anonymous said…
A temporary deal has been passed. Unfortunately another shutdown is possible in January.

I doubt we have learned our lesson. Many people still believe the government is to take care of people. This is communism. They should go to North Korea or Cuba.T. W.
Anonymous said…
....and you should go to Somalia and see how you like it there.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm. I don't see what Somalia has to do with anything. I have no intention of visiting that particular country. Lots of trouble and heartache. Then again, if God sends me I will go.

I do see I was not clear with my last comment. I was trying to say people who believe the government should care for people from cradle to grave by supplying their every need should visit countries where this is in practice. I did not mean they should live there. T. W.
Anonymous said…
Somalia is a good place for ignorant people like you that think democracy with a little socialism = communism. Fyi, the government was most certainly designed to take care of it's people, I hate to tell ya. LOOK it up. Oh and can the god talk ok, because as near as I can tell you ain't no Christian.

Nobody expects the government to take care of anyone from cradle to grave, you right wing puppet so drop the tea bagger talking points and keep your ignorant religious and politics to yourself. We are addressing Christian Dion, the psychic, not T.W. the right wing it?
Anonymous said…
The govenment IS supposed to take care of the people that doesnt mean we have to be a complete socialist country but people always demoralize socialist programs. Wake up! everyday things we use like public schools, transportation, police-911, fire department is all because of socialist programs and if we all had to suddenly pay for that we would be completely bankrupt. We need a Balance in this country! Neither one way or the other is right for this country and right now we are banking too hard on the capitalist side and we are seeing the negative side affects of big business trying to run this country. THose Tea party members should be ashamed of themselves they caused way more problems and added a bigger deficit on a war they knew couldnt be won. And they basically just threw their seats away come next ellection. The only bright side of this whole things is I now know 2016 elections will be stress free cause I know who I'm not voting for.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for exorcising your right to free speech by telling me what I am not allowed to say on a blog that is not yours.

In the name of Jesus Christ I pray everyone you meet shows you the kindness you have shown me. T. W.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your intelligent and well written comment.

I totally understand what you are saying. I understand our tax money pays for services that help everyone.

To me, Communism means there is no private ownership, government owns industry, and a rocket scientist receives the same wage as a janitor. Karl Marx wrote about this. This ladt paragraph is not directed towards you. It is directed towards the person who calls me an ignorant, unChristian troll. CD is fair and posts almost all comments. God loves you all and so do I.

Have a blessed week! T. W.
Christian Dion said…
TW you are my blog friens YOU served this country that I have been privileged to be allowed to live in YOU can say whatever you want CDxxx
Anonymous said…
"We are addressing Christian Dion the psychic not T. W. the troll. . . "

Then why reply to me?

We have NO idea who you are, not even an initial.

You must be new to the site. I have been coming here and leaving comments for years and your comments prove you know nothing about me.

No one wants to read your hate speech. If people want to skip my comments at least they know to skip it when they see T. W.

You have a lot of hatred in your heart and it is proof God is not in you. That is not me talking, that is scripture.

We know you are against Christianity because you told me to stop talking about it. Please know I am praying for you. I can see you are disturbed.

Everyone has an opinion but that does not give you the right to attack a person. Cyberbullying is a crime. You are on thin ice.

You also offer NO proof for any of your claims. All you have is your opinion. As you can see no one cares what you think because no one is replying to you.

Let's end the hate speech NOW. T. W.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Christian! I am honored to have served this country and to be your blog friend. America is blessed to have you and we are all blessed by you. Enjoy your weekend! T. W.

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