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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Who else is watching....

All this fuss over the NSA and the other agencies, that are doing their jobs.
There are more eyes in the skies, 
than any of us want to either know.
Or own up to.
But they are out there.
Before very long it'll be made very clear.
It'll be fun to watch all those religious nut jobs.
Fall apart......


Anonymous said...

Are some of the eyes among us on earth as well?

Anonymous said...

I hope I am not alive when that happens. I really don't want see any sign of life from another plant galaxy, etc. It would freak me out

Anonymous said...

Have to this a good thing or does it play out like a Hollywood movie?

Anonymous said...

Will the Scientologists think this is Xenu? Will the aliens claim to be guardian angels? Are they the Four Horsemen of the Apacolypse? I am serious and we need to be careful when these entities make themselves known. In my mind it is illogical to think Earth is the only place to support life. I bet the "aliens" see us and conclude there is no intelligent life here. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Love it...I cannot wait for the nut jobs to fall of the greatest con jobs of all time. The religious nuts will fall apart. . Haaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Was the NSA meant to spy on its own citizens. Thats the sort of thing that happened in East Germany by the Stasi(secret police). Ironic that your government chooses to listen in on Angela Merkel's mobile phone calls - since she grew up in East Germany! Most people know that Alien life forms are around so that is not really big news.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I take it you are not in America. I haven't paid attention to all the NSA business but I do know we are all being watched all day everyday. I know the government has a job to do but all of us are not criminals so why spy on everyone? I should ask the NSA where I lost my roll of quarters. . . . T. W.