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Monday, October 7, 2013

Won't be good.......

As if Sir Richard Branson,
 needs any more promotion or money, it has been announced that NBC and Mark Burnett Production are about to televise a reality show in which contestants compete,
 for a seat on the Virgin Galactic space flights.
The flights are due to begin in December. 
All the publicity for the new show and several interviews Branson recently give to UK TV are using Leo DiCaprio's,
 name to help promote the trips. 
Still can't believe Kate Winslet,
 hasn't tried to talk him out of the flight. 
Given the fact, that she has denied reports that she will go on the flight herself. 
I really hope Leo doesn't go. This is a really bad idea.
 My prediction is CRASH & BURN.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I got the same feeling when they announced the Virgin Galactic Flights a couple years ago, that i got when they said Michael Jackson was going to do 50 concerts. My feeling was he wont be doing any of the concerts, and i got this feeling with virgin galactic(i.e-accident waiting to happen).
Man, I wouldnt wanna be a guinea pig on one of their first flights! Oh well, free will and all...:-)Hope Leo gets an Oscar before he hops on board...or better yet he actually doesn't hop on board....

Anonymous said...

I really hope Dicaprio does n't go on one of these space flights as planned. I would hate to see anything bad happen to him :-(

Anonymous said...

Is it the maiden flight that will go wrong? Or random flights? I think I read somewhere that the shuttle only holds 6 people at a time. Surely, only people connected to the company would get on the first flight? Maybe if anything where to go wrong on the first flight some of those due to go on the flights might change their mind?

Dear CD, Do reply said...

Dear CD,

Which year do you think Leo will marry ? And will it be to one of his models or a different woman?


Anonymous said...

Is it the maiden flight that there will be problems with or other flights? I read that each flight can take just 6 people at any one time. I would be surprised if the first few flights included anyone who does n't work for the company.

I understand the fascination with space but travelling to it is dangerous and so I would n't be inclined to view it as some kind of day trip destination. I guess those with tickets feel differently.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I too hope Leonardo's trip goes ok or that he does n't go. CC

Anonymous said...

Is Leo as good an actor in his private life as he is in his films?

Anonymous said...

Let us pray NO ONE goes on these flights. T. W.