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Bit of a rant

Why is it that some many people including leading politicians.
In America.
Don't want everyone to have affordable healthcare.
When they themselves have coverage.
I really think it is disgusting that.
So many people have to wait till they are so ill.
They have to go to the ER.
When if they had coverage they could afford.
They would not have to get so ill.
Plus the ER wouldn't have to deal with people who are sicker than they need to be.

Add to that the fact that we allow children in this country.
The World's wealthiest country.
At the same time we watch children starve to death each and everyday in the rest of the World.

If the Aliens are watching they must be truly disgusted.


Anonymous said…
Thank you CD. As a Scandinavian I'm completely baffled how the big nation can be so near sighted. Too many people are living in a box in this country. I sometimes loose faith in humanity.
Kayla Studavent said…
Everything you said was the truth.
Anonymous said…
I know. I am embarrassed by the punitive response these people take towards the poor, children, and the elderly. It's wrong, but we have to stop apologizing for them and hold them accountable for saying/doing the vile things they do and vote them out.
Laura O
Anonymous said…
This is all true. America is the land of the haves and the have nots. It is the land of plenty only if you are one of the haves. There is no middle class.

The haves use fear of Communism to get their way.

For those of you overseas, the problems in America are also at the state level. I live in the third poorest state in the nation. Governor McCrory turned down federal money that would have paid for MediCaid (Medical Aid). Our tax dollars already paid for this and now another state is going to get extra money. Not only that, many people now receiving MediCaid will be dropped from the program because our state is dead broke. We know who won't serve a second term as governor.

For those of us that pray, I say we ask that those already in power receive and use knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Let us ask for the right people to run for and win an office seat.

Change begins with us, not the government. T. W.
Anonymous said…
So true. I just feel sometimes if people are forgetting compassion, maybe they need to go through shit times themselves, so they 'get' it. It's sad they have to go that way, but judgement (on others that dont have healthcare) is the world's biggest 'boomerang' or maybe I should say teacher. So many times I and we all judge, and like whiplash 5 seconds down the road we experience what the person we judged went through, so finally we're like...oh ..yeah...of course. Yeah those friendly aliens watching us...therye prob like...ok,, will they get it the 20th billion time around?
Anonymous said…
Amen. I have also noticed the people who want to help the most are the least able to do so. A lot of churches are helping out. Some people are donating their time and compassion because that is all they have. God bless them. T. W.
Anonymous said…
Greed and selfishness.

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