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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Heading for a fall...........

Alec Baldwin may have won his court case,
 against the woman he claims was stalking him.
(Even though she was crazy, she was telling the truth)
He's now calling the paparazzi,
 all kinds of foul names.
Well, he's about to take a fall.
Good. he needs to learn a lesson.


Anonymous said...

We are waiting with glee. T. W.

Anonymous said...

He is talented and smart. It seems to be more than an anger issue when he calls people (including family members) terrible names!

Anonymous said...

The fallout is already starting. He was suspended from his new show on MSNBC.


Anonymous said...

He may be an asshole and dueshbag but that is not against the law! Stalking IS and should be taken seriously. That women proved in court she has no respect for the law or anyone else and that public humiliation is going to make her extremely dangerous. I hope she learns her lesson in jail. Alec will learn his too, hilaria well she's a golddigger its nothing she diddnt expect but I bet she will use against him and have some sob story on People mag or something.

Anonymous said...

If the woman has a mental illness she should be in a psych ward, not prison. Alec should not have cheated on his wife. He got what he deserved. T. W.