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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kettle calling pot black.....

Sarah Palin is telling all who will listen.
That Levi Johnston is a deadbeat Dad.
( We have all known that since the beginning)
So why is she suddenly interested?
Well he wants joint custody of his Son Tripp, 
with his ex Bristol Palin.
Like Sarah has great parenting skills.
He'll get joint custody.
That'll piss her off.
Don'tyou just love Karma.


Anonymous said...

Serves these people right. And yes, poetic justice is beautiful. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Delightful!!! I sooooo LOVE Karma!! I have a question though....is she actually the mother of Trig, or did she fraudulently use her daughter's kid. Many are suspicious of that and believe she is a liar and a fraud and she used her daughter's son for publicity. C.D. do you think she faked her pregnancy with Trig?
Laura O

Christian Dion said...

Indeed I do and always have thought so CD

Anonymous said...

That was a good question! I can't believe her daughter was getting paid to teach abstinence. No one is perfect but I tell you, the Palins are as fake as my Dolce & Gabbanna purse. . . . T. W.