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She should listen....

Seems the inner circle at the,
Kardashian Asylum is telling Kim.
Not to marry the moron Kanye West.
He's a control freak, really?
Would never have guessed.
She should listen, they are right.
But she won't.
She's too interested in the millions she'll get for the TV wedding right.
Dozy cow.


Anonymous said…
So I guess it's true what she said in some interview that she wanted to get married as many times as Liz Taylor. Is Ryan Seacrest part of Pimp Mamma K's circle of hell? This Klan is like a really bad drug.
Anonymous said…
Talking of unions that might not be a good idea - Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have also been in the news. They have had a son who they named Maceo (this is Spanish I think). Finishing the trio of couples who probably should n't be together, we
should have news soon of Kate Winslet and Ned Rock'nroll's baby
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah, Kate's baby is due to arrive soon. She said she does n't know the sex. As for the name - goodness knows what they wall call the little mite. Any guesses?
Anonymous said…
and what about Gerard Butler or James Franco ? enough with the K-disorder already...please I want my sanity back lol
Anonymous said…
I would like to see Leo in there somewhere if it's a boy (but what are the chances of that?)

p.s. I wish the Kardashians would disappear into obscurity.
Anonymous said…
The good news is people see the Kartrashians for what they are. The bad news is people love to watch "train-wreck tv". T. W.

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