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Sure fire hit......

Rob Lowe stars as President Kennedy in 
" Killing Kennedy"
Airing tomorrow.
He's brilliant in the role.
But whats more it is going to give his career a massive boost.
Resulting in many awards.


Anonymous said…
Hmmm. I remember the fall he took many years ago. I wasn't there when it happened so I let it go. T. W.
Anonymous said…
I'm intrigued by this series, it looks good! I'll be happy if Rob gets awards for his performance.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm. I may not bother to watch. It's obviously going to be more of the same lie about Oswald doing it and not the truth of who actually killed him. I'm tired of lone gunman and magic bullet theories. Maybe I'll watch it if nothing else is on though. I am so disappointed with all the lame lies still after 50 years....still lying about it. The latest lie is that a Secret Service man, Hickey, shot him in the back of the head "accidentally". Give me a break! These shows are just pathetic. They need to tell the truth and stop all this lying. I guess maybe they don't want to because hmmmm maybe it'll implicate Bush Sr, Nixon, LBJ, Hoover, and several others...can't have that now, can they?.
Laura O.
Anonymous said…
I did watch it and Rob was great in the role. He did a good job.
Laura O
Anonymous said…
Thanks for confirming the prediction. As for who killed JFK I was not born then but the story never rang true. T. W.

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