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Corrections to the Predictions

Bad, naughty dyslexic me...
So here are the corrections marked in red

35 CORY Booker, NJ
Needs to come clean, and be the man he can be. Career wise he's on the right track.

43 Banking
Well it's going to be really tough in 2014 for the banking world and the crackpots that run it. As even more and more scandals and diabolical behaviour is exposed. Including one exposure that will leave the world stunned.  Making the LAST scandal look like a ride at Disneyland.

74 Senator RAFAEL Edward "Ted" Cruz
Is in for a bumpy year, in fact I see him having to leave office, as he is shown to be the hypocrite he is.

Oh Well she's twice as famous as anyone else 
Ha ha.
7 Lady Gaga.
Both personally and professionally her best year yet.
97 Lady Gaga.
You would think this Diva couldn't get any higher. But in 2014 she will-especially professionally. But even higher on the romantic front, ding dong....


Anonymous said…
CD, Do you think Leonardo Dicaprio will find his true love or marry this year ?
Nina said…
Merry Christmas :)
Anonymous said…
FYI- One of my friends changes fonts several times throughout the day and finds that it helps the Dyslexia and prevents the letters from dancing around.

I love your blog and enjoy it with its casual vibe and answer backs- no need to do corrections. Thank you for the early forecast!! Health and happiness to you and yours. <3. (Boston, Mass)
Anonymous said…
Christian you are brilliant as you are, you don’t need any corrections in the predictions.
Love your blog! Merry Christmas!

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