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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The best Xmas pressie to the World....

From his very lips.
HE'S RETIRING..........


Christian Dion said...

Opps sorry forgot the prediction part.
Sadly he won't........CD

Anonymous said...

Dear CD, A big fan of yours. You gave the Angelina Jolie reading but not the Leonardo dicaprio one. Which year do you think he will marry / find his true love? We're astro readers and been predicting his marriage for a couple of years but it hasn't come true. Thank you and please respond.

Christian Dion said...

I do think that this year will sort him out, in the end he'll be happy personally CD

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the response CD :) Now I wish I was a better reader. If I may ask, astro predicts marriage in feb. 2014 or after June 2015, do you see it to be true ?

T. W. said...

We know which lips he spoke his retirement with. Ha ha! T. W.