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Sunday, December 15, 2013

What's she on.....

Kim " Supertart" Kardashian,
 is now rattling on how 
Kanye " I am God" West is.
She's clearly on drugs of some sort.
How can anyone think or believe that he is sweet.
He's an arrogant Pratt.
I can't wait for all this to fall apart, which it will.
Granted probably not till after the 
"Fake" marriage for money scam.
Then who's she going to blame.


Anonymous said...

It makes sense since the person she's trying to emulate (and who Kanyezus is grooming her to look like) is also on drugs.

T. W. said...

Will Kanye take all her money and give it to his main squeeze Ricardo Tisci? That is what i would do if i were him. T. W.